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Getting Started

Software Development Kit

Find here how you can get started with Quark developer tools and technologies.

Whether you are a new user or an experienced quark software professional, this guide will help you arrive at your goals faster and with better clarity. This guide helps you get the big-picture view of all the modules that build up QPPNG and all the components that build up each of these modules.

QPPNG Components Sitemap Migration from 2x to 3x Migration from v3.2.3 to v3.3.0

SDK Components

This SDK contains the following resources:


Web Components

Angular web components that you can reuse in your Quark web application implementations.


Sample Codes

Sample snippets that you can refer to for your custom implementation of Quark applications.



Instructions that you can refer to for your custom implementation of Quark applications.



Functions that allow you to access features or data of Quark applications and backend services to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Applications & Services



Quark Author

An intuitive web authoring tool with offline authoring capabilities.



A web application to manage assets on a QPPNG server.



Plugins for Quark XML Author and Microsoft


Quark XML Author

A plugin that allows you to create XML document in Microsoft Word.

Backend Services


Automation Service

Manages publishing of documents in various output channels.


Content Service

A centralized service that encompasses all the other service.


Webhook Service

Extend QPP NextGen’s functionalities through webhooks.